building and repairing wooden boats using both traditional and modern techniques


Welcome to cameron boat builders

cameron boat builders primarily specialises in the construction of new boats such as those designed by Francois Vivier, using wood/epoxy composite (strip-planking) techniques.

At present an ‘Ilur’ dinghy is in build. This 4.44m (14’6”) sail and oar design from Francois Vivier is strip planked in Yellow Cedar and will be rigged as a lug sloop.

This is not to say traditional methods of construction are ignored....they are employed to create new boats and repair old boats when the design dictates.

Refurbishment, refit and restoration services are offered to wooden boat owners whether their boat is of traditional construction, or built using modern wood techniques.

Currently ‘VISION’, a 12.2m (40’) Robert Clark designed sloop, is being re-decked and re-fitted. Built in 1971 using iroko strip planking, Vision is a fine example of a one-off fast offshore passage maker.

A selection of smaller projects and commissions are illustrated. These include a set of 6 arched-top windows for a Dutch Luxemotor barge, a bowsprit for a Broads cruiser and the refurbishment of a plywood Solo dinghy.

Ross Cameron

I trained in traditional boatbuilding at the International Boatbuilding Training College [IBTC>>] in Lowestoft. After successfully completing training I worked on various projects including some for IBTC Heritage, the commercial arm of the IBTC, before setting up cameron boat builders.

Prior to boatbuilding I enjoyed a successful career in biotechnology, devising ways of using micro-organisms to make products such as anti-cancer drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic reagents. A desire for independence and to be back at the bench making things coupled with a love of wooden boats prompted a move into boatbuilding. However, there is no escaping micro-organisms! Now instead of trying to harness them to manufacture useful products, I spend time repairing old boats damaged by rot and devising ways to ensure micro-organisms cannot rot the new boats I build.












Ross Cameron